Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Past Is The Past: Leave It There

            You ever been bothered by somebody’s past?

            It’s like, you really care about a person, but what they tell you about their past really bothers you. It could be something sexual or it could be something emotional. Some people say you shouldn’t let the past bother you because the past is the past, but sometimes it’s hard to control your thoughts and your feelings.

            Now, my past hasn’t been exactly the most squeaky clean, but I do get bothered by hearing somebody else’s past that I truly care about. I feel an obligation to protect that person and try my best to heal their emotional scars. Then you have everybody’s favorite part, sex, in their past. When a woman hears a man’s part, they don’t feel bothered by it. They feel like they can tame the man. When a man hears it and cares about the woman, he is the one who gets bothered because everybody wants a good girl and nobody can stand the thought of another man touching their woman.

            It’s like Drake said in his song, “Karaoke”. No man ever wants to hear those stories about his lady.

            I’ve always been haunted by the past. I’ve always let the past come back and bother me when the past should be in the past. It doesn’t affect me to the point of where I’m going to stop associating with those people because of their past. No man or woman on this earth is perfect and shouldn’t be judged based on their past. I do say though, that you can only use that excuse to an extent. The way the world is today, you never know who would take advantage of that.

            If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, that’s the most important relationship to not let the past come back to get you. People do change, some people don’t change, but when a person wants to leave the past behind and love you now and only love you in the future, you should let them. Don’t let the past affect your thinking. You might get hurt or jealous by things that have happened and that’s fine, but that’s where you help the person overcome their flaws and you love them unconditionally.

            That’s been my problem. I’ve let somebody’s past come back and bother me and that’s why I’m going to take my own advice. The past is in the past and everything happens for a reason. Focus on the person or people in your life now and focus on the future. Nobody wants their haunting past brought into a bright future. You do your best to keep that future as bright as you can and for the people around you.

            The past is the past. Leave it there.